Questions Our Customers Ask Us

Customers ask questions. It is what we at Danlar expect and welcome. We also believe our customers have the right to remain informed about the repair process. With 30 years of experience in the business, we have probably come across most, if not all, questions possible and will be able to supply satisfactory answers to every one of your questions. If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask. After all, you are the customer and our number one priority.

Some of questions we hear most often from customers at Danlar include:

1. When will my car be ready?
This is such a popular question and for my money probably the most asked question in the shop. Your car is so essential for day-to-day living. The insurance company may have provided a rental but that is not the same as driving your own car. The short answer is: the repair time depends on the damage done. For what we call short repairs you may have the car back within one to two days. The mid-range repairs may take up to seven days, depending on the extent of damage. Longer repair jobs may take between one and two weeks before the car is back on the road. Insurance companies incentivize us to do the work quickly but we also maintain a high standard of work on all repair jobs. Our staff is fully trained to ensure an efficient repair and we will communicate with you every step of the way so there will not be any hidden delays.

2. How will my car’s paint job look?
We aim to have your car looking exactly as it did pre-accident, in some cases even better. We only use factory-matched paints so the finished work matches the rest of the car. Unfortunately, in older cars, especially cars exposed to the harsh New Mexico climate, the color may have faded and so we cannot match the new paint exactly. If the paint manufacturer has a warranty on the original work, we can completely repaint the car under their terms. If this is not feasible, we will try to match the paint as closely as possible to the present color. This is usually not a problem with a new car and paint matching should be perfect.

3. What is the repair process?
If you are an insurance referral we will get an electronic assignment from the company. We will then contact you and arrange a time for you to come into the shop. During your appointment, we will estimate the damage and the cost of work before we go over what needs to be done. If you agree to go ahead with the repair, we will give you a timetable that outlines the time involved and when you should expect to have your car back on the road. We use our experience and factory certificated training to get a very accurate estimate of time, costs and parts involved. We also deal directly with the insurance company so you don’t have to. When you are not an insurance referral the process is exactly the same except we deal directly with you on all elements of the repair.

4. Will my car drive the same?
Because we are returning the car to its pre-accident condition, the answer to this question has to be yes. In cases where there is doubt we will inform you immediately. Again, our experience and training give our technicians a very good idea of the outcome before we begin so there won’t be any surprises.

5. Do you keep the customer informed?
Our experience tells us that a happy customer is the best customer. At Danlar, we strongly believe in keeping the customer informed at every stage of the process. We agree on a communication process before you leave the shop. Do you prefer text, call or email? We then tell you how often we will contact you along the way. Our standard is every day on a small job and every two days on a bigger job. A big consideration for us is to tell you immediately of any unexpected damage, though our experienced staff usually knows before even beginning what to expect on a job. We describe to the customer what is going to happen from the start and any potential extras in terms of cost and time are explained clearly.

There are always many questions. An accident is a big cause of stress for you and we understand how worried you may be. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions and make us aware of any worries you may have when trusting Danlar Collision Repair with your repairs.