What Your Car Should Be Like When You Get It Back

A popular question we get at the shop is: what will my car be like when I get it back? At Danlar, this is a very important question and one we always give a very clear answer to when asked. If we cannot live up to customer expectations, then we are in the wrong line of work. Our years of experience mean we know how a job will go and we will tell you exactly how we see it.

At Danlar, we work to get your car back to pre-collision performance, but you can use the following as a guide to what to expect after your car is repaired:

1. Paint job:  You want your repair to match the existing paint job on your car and that is only natural. As a factory certified repair shop, we deal directly with the manufacturer to get an exact match for your paint color. On late models this is not a problem, especially models that have not had too much exposure to the New Mexico climate. On older models and models that have faded in the harsh sunlight, a perfect match is not always possible. In cases where the paint is still under warranty we can do a total repaint of the car. If this is not possible, we will get as close a match as we can to the existing color. We will include you in the process so you know what to expect.

2. Driving: Your car will drive just as it did pre-accident. As a factory certified shop we deal directly with the factory and get only OEM parts for your car. If this is not possible, as can happen with older models, we will call you before deciding on the best parts to use. If we discover during disassembly that more work is needed to get the car driving again, we will give you an estimate of time and cost before proceeding. With older cars there may be hidden damage that was there pre-accident. This too can affect how a car drives after a repair but we will inform you of any problems and give you our best advice.

3. Will the Car Be Better?: This is not an outcome we can guarantee and a promise we would never give to a customer. While the repair job will be done to the highest standards by skilled mechanics using OEM parts, our goal is to return the car to pre-accident condition. If there is extra work you wish to be done, we can discuss it in the shop. If a car is badly damaged and there is a concern about quality, we will share our concerns with you before we proceed. We want you back on the road as quickly as possible and the car exactly as it was pre-accident. Experience tells us that this leads to a happy customer.

4. Will it look the same?: We use OEM parts in our repair jobs so everything in the car will be the same as before your accident. Our technicians are highly trained and very experienced and know exactly what they are doing. Our expectations should match yours every step of the way and the finished job will be up to your standards. If it is not possible to return the car to you in a pre-accident condition, we will tell you before we begin the repair job. If, during the repair job, we find that the damage is greater than we thought, we will inform you immediately before moving to the next step.

Your car should be the same after the repair job as it was before the collision. We use all of our experience and training to do the best job possible for you. Our customers should drive away from the shop in a car as they expect it to be. Our job is to fix your car the right way the first time around and that is what you should expect.