Pack an Emergency Kit

flat tire

No one ever expects to have car trouble. Even if you are meticulous about your regular vehicle maintenance, you could run into problems while driving your car. The important thing is to always be prepared for an emergency.

A carefully curated emergency kit that you carry in your car at all times will ensure you have everything you need if an emergency happens. Knowing you have an emergency kit will put your mind at ease and give you the tools to tackle the situation.

Here is what you need to create a good emergency kit:

  • First aid supplies: Whether you buy an already prepared first aid kit, or make your own, it’s an important thing to have in your car at all times. Be sure it includes antiseptic wound cleaner, bandages, safety pins, scissors, aspirin, and any other medications you may need.
  • Blanket: This is a must! A blanket will keep you warm so you don’t have to run your engine.
  • Fire extinguisher: A small multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguisher is a good tool to have on hand in case of small fires. But, if your car does catch fire, it’s safest to move away and call 911.
  • Flares: These tools can help you attract attention and signal your location in case you break down. They are especially useful in remote areas.
  • Flashlight: A water-resistant flashlight can be incredibly useful if you experience car trouble in the dark.
  • Water and snacks: Non-perishable foods, like energy bars, and bottled water are emergency essentials, so you can ensure you have sustenance in an emergency situation.
  • Jumper cables: Every vehicle-owner should have a set of jumper cables on hand at all times in case you need to jump start your car and charge your battery.
  • Paper map: We’re used to relying on our smartphone’s GPS, but what if you don’t have cell service? A paper map can help you find your way.
  • Reflective triangles: Keep at least three reflective triangles that you can place around your car to alert oncoming traffic. A reflective vest is another great item to include.
  • Umbrella: Always keep an umbrella in your car. It’s undoubtedly useful in an emergency, but it will also come in handy at other times.

Another safety tip: always be sure your cell phone is fully charged before you hit the road, especially if you have a long drive ahead of you.

Be sure to carefully pack your emergency kit, so that things are easily accessible. And, don’t forget to check the kit every few months to see if anything needs to be replaced. It can be a lifesaver.