Gas Saving Tips

Gas prices have remained relatively stable over the past couple of years, but fueling up is still a major expense of owning a vehicle. Conserving gas is important for the environment, as well as for your pocketbook.

There are several ways you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

Here are some tips:

Monitor your tires

The condition of your tires can be a major drain on your fuel tank. Tires that are under-inflated, or wheels that are poorly aligned, can waste fuel because it puts extra pressure on your engine. Wheel alignment should be checked by professionals, but you can check your own tire air pressure. Just be sure to wait for your car to cool down before airing up tires.

Don't leave your engine idling, always shut off the motor. 


Pay attention to windows and air conditioning

Keeping windows closed when you travel at highway speeds should help you save gas. In stop-and-go traffic, roll down your windows instead of running your air conditioning, when you can, to help you conserve fuel.

Drive gently and responsibly

Your driving habits and lifestyle routines may also be a drain on your gas tank. Here are some other ways to help you save gas:

  • Remove unnecessary items from your vehicle, especially heavy ones. Lighter loads are better for gas mileage.
  • Avoid making unnecessary trips. The less you drive, the less gas you’ll use.
  • Travel when traffic is low so that you don’t have to continuously stop and start.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle idling. Always shut off the engine while you’re waiting in your car.
  • Follow the speed limit—speeding is bad for gas mileage.
  • Drive gently. Constant accelerations and stops are gas drainers.

Keep your engine tuned up

A well-maintained engine will operate more efficiently, meaning your gas mileage will improve. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and tune-ups. Maintain your fluids at the proper levels. Make sure any problems you notice with performance (such as idling roughly or poor acceleration) are looked at by a mechanic.

Being conscious of your driving and car maintenance can help you save gas. You’ll be saving money while conserving resources and protecting the environment.